Vaccoda Custom Logo Design Process Explained

What’s involved when we design you a custom logo? Here is the low-down!

A great logo that is well designed can make all the difference between a good first impression and a great one. Below we explain the process involved when we design custom logos.

We design your logo from “scratch” – we don’t use any stock images, icons or graphics, so the logo and its design is completely unique to you and your business and can be trademarked too (so you know, If a logo is designed using a stock graphic/icon or image, it cannot be trademarked).

Logo Brief

Step 1: Logo brief

When we are commissioned to design a custom logo, we start by sending you our interactive logo design PDF brief which contains a number of questions to help you explain what you do and don’t like from both a creative and visual point-of-view as well as questions related to your business.

Our questions are thought-provoking and will enable you to “frame your thoughts” onto paper, so to speak. Including as much information as possible really helps us to design the perfect logo for your business as it allows us to learn more about your requirements.

Step 2: Research

No logo can be produced without good research, this is where the brief really helps us as we use the information you have provided us to understand your industry/sector and to get a feel for the sort of logo designs that could work as well as what wouldn’t work, the most effective colours and typography.

We also pick out keywords from your brief and create a brainstorm of different words to help us find related images and other inspiring materials so these can be added to a mood board which in turn helps us visualise concepts that we feel would work best for your business.

Sketching Out Logo Ideas

Step 3: Sketching

The next stage is to sketch out some logo design concepts by hand using a pencil and paper. The best and most creative designs come from sketching and this is a very, very important part of the whole logo design process, as the freedom of being able to sketch designs and ideas with a pencil and paper allows for more open creativity.

Step 4: Designing

The most important phase of the logo design process is the actual designing of it! We take our sketched drawings and scan them so we can then open the scanned pencil drawings in our graphic design software and begin to draw the logos; following the initial sketched designs. It is during this phase that your logo concepts begin to take shape and come together on-screen.

Before we add any colours, we design in black and white as this enables us to create your logo with clarity, and we can test things like logo sizing and ensure that whether the logo is used on a business card or scaled up for use on the side of a building, it looks just as amazing regardless of its size.

Once we are happy with the designs, we add the all-important colour to them, and that’s when your logo concepts really come to life!

Showing You Logo Ideas & Concepts

Step 5: Presentation

We provide 4 logo concepts and present these to you in our PDF presentations. We show you the logo concepts in full colour, as well as black and white, and also graphically show you the various logo concepts on different mock-ups, such as a business card, on a mug, a shop sign or embroidered on a polo top. This helps you to visualise your logo in-context and assists you in the decision making process.

Step 6: Changes and variations

Once you have looked through the logos, you will likely have feedback. We offer 2 logo variations, combining different elements from any of the logo concepts we have created into a new logo design, or perhaps you have found another logo that you really like and want to include part of that logo design on your logo, or even something you may have sketched; or, if you have picked a logo you like and require only minor changes (such as colour or font changes, or a layout change to the logo) we offer up to 3 sets of changes as part of the logo design process.

Step 7: Your logo pack

Once you are happy with the logo, the last step is to send your logo to you in various file formats for your use. That’s all there is to it! We hope that our step-by-step guide gives you an insight into how our logo design process works. If you would like to talk to us about a new logo you have in mind, why not get in touch with us or call on 020 8776 0400.

What’s involved when we design you a custom logo? Here is the low-down!
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What’s involved when we design you a custom logo? Here is the low-down!
Ever wondered what goes into custom logo design? Well wonder no-more! We explain our custom logo design process in this blog!
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