Website Makeover

Do you need a website makeover?

Does your website look like the land that time forgot?

When was the last time you had a real, hard look at your website? If you can’t remember when this was or the last time you clapped eyes on your website was when it was first built, it could be time to consider a website makeover.

Nowadays websites need to comply to many different requirements and standards, including the need for a website to be cross browser compatible, mobile friendly, fully responsive for tablets and other devices, fast load speeds, Google (SEO) friendly and much more besides.

Looking good … or bad?

Along with all the compliance standards it also needs to look visually appealing and engage with your customers. Today’s discerning online shopper demands so much more from a website than just the ability to purchase something or find out about your services, so you need to make sure your website is up to scratch!

Website Makeover
Do you need a website makeover?
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Do you need a website makeover?
If your website is in desperate need of a website makeover, check out this infographic showing you everything to avoid when building a new one!
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