Be More Productive

Want to be more productive? There’s a tool for that!

Get productive!

Ok, so you have a to-do list as long as your arm, deadlines are looming, anxiety levels rising, and the urge to procrastinate is almost overwhelming. But don’t panic, read on for our favourite online productivity tools.

To Do List

To do lists

If you want a straightforward tick-list, native phone reminder apps give you the option to add tick boxes, which are handy for keeping track. If you want a little more, task management apps such as Todoist and Asana allow you to organise and sort tasks, set reminders and due dates, plus collaborative tools, giving you the option to allocate or delegate tasks and centralise your workload.

Cloud document storage

Cloud document storage allows you to upload and download docs, share with others for review or editing, and share large files that may struggle to send via email. Two of the most popular services are Google Drive and Dropbox, each with its own benefits. For example, Google Drives offers 15GB of free space, whereas Dropbox only gives you 2GB before you need to upgrade.

Distract yourself

If you find yourself unable to complete tasks because your phone keeps pinging, or social media scrolling is tempting you, a distraction app may be key. Set a timer, plant a virtual tree and if you exit the app before the timer goes off, your tree will wither and die. And nobody wants that.

Break it down

The much-hailed Pomodoro technique, in which you work for a specific burst of time before taking a pre-determined break, can help with productivity and motivation. Set work interval timers, break durations and track progress and goals with apps such as Be Focused.

Time tracking

Working for several clients can become confusing, and it’s easy to waste time trying to work out how to invoice when you have no idea how much time you spent on a project. This is where time-tracking tools come in — set the client, start the timer, start work and the tracker will keep time for you. Trackers such as Asana also allow you to keep track of team task timings, worth it if you are working collaboratively.

Want to be more productive? There's a tool for that!
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Want to be more productive? There's a tool for that!
Want to be more productive but don't know how? Our quick-read blog provides 5 snappy tips to help you!
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