The Best Font Guide

Great visual guide to font styles

Creating a new website? Having design done for print? Don’t understand font styles?

Fear not – this blog will help you! Simply put, the choice of font used on your website or printed material can make all the difference between success and failure – choosing the wrong font style can age your business, send out the wrong image/impression or even put potential customers off of using you altogether.

Font’s can be quite a subjective thing, but when choosing a font it’s always best to seek the advice of a creative professional, however if you are wanting to take a bit more creative control, the excellent infographic guide below, courtesy of Creative Market provides a great overview of font styles, their history and a visual example of each, so you can make the right decision when combining different font styles.

The Ultimate Visual Guide To Font Styles
Great visual guide to font styles
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Great visual guide to font styles
Building a new website or having printed material designed? Not sure what font style to use? If so this handy infographic offers great font guidance!
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