How To Succeed With Video Content Marketing

How to succeed with video content marketing

Video marketing that engages your audience

Video marketing can be engaging and generate audience participation. Everyone likes going to the cinema so why wouldn’t they like watching videos?  The answer to that is when they are corporate “buy our product” videos.

Once you have a basic concept or your video, consider what style will work best. Engaging the services of scriptwriters, graphic designers, animators, producers, actors and professional narrators can be money well spent to give your video a professional finish.  Carefully selected background music can make or break a video.

If you are considering using video for the first time, here are some points to get you started:

Don't Alienate Your Customers

Don’t alienate your customers

Creating a company video may appear to be a good idea, but it can also backfire. If viewers are unable to benefit from it the money and energy invested in the video will be wasted.  It is far better to start with videos which focus on being helpful or informative to viewers.



If you have a topic which is of interest to viewers why not film several versions of it, each with slightly different content.  Filming in one go can provide economies of scale and the videos can be held back and released as and when is deemed to be appropriate.



Thanks to development in mobile technology, websites are accessed from a multitude of devices including smart phones and notebooks.  It is essential that video content is watchable regardless of the access point.

Creating engaging videos

Now that you know the basics to video creation, let’s focus on the content. What kind of videos will engage your audience? We suggest some options below:

Seize The Opportunity

Seize the opportunity

Rather than waiting for the perfect opportunity, why not use your next sales conference, the launch of a new product, or a charity event to create your next video? Rather than using staff photographs, why not use videos of your staff to add a personal touch to your website or newsletter.

Interviews with your staff or a video of “a day at work” can provide an insight into your business and introduce the human side. Unique content with a human interest (who are more unique than your staff?) can promote emotional attachment and that in turn establishes brand allegiance.

The Event

The event

If you are exhibiting why not make the most of it by creating a video? Content could include setting up the stand (speeded up), interviews with international team members or guest speakers at the event. Anything which shows the human side of your company can be helpful in establishing an emotional bond with your viewers.

Video Marketing And You!

Video marketing and you

The use of video may initially appear to be daunting but it doesn’t need to be expensive or overly complicated. Don’t run before you can walk. Why not start with a simple video to promote a new product?

It will be only be a matter of time before video is an effective tool in your social media campaign and you will be wondering why you didn’t include it earlier.

How to succeed with video content marketing
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How to succeed with video content marketing
We look at the best ways to succeed with video content marketing and how to make sure you always keep your videos engaging and interesting!
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