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The top 10 reasons why your website should be built using WordPress

With WordPress considered to be the main platform of choice when building websites because of how simple-yet-powerful it is in every way, it’s no surprise that millions and millions of websites around the world are built in WordPress.

The content management system (or ‘CMS’ for short) has quickly become a favourite among both web-savvy users and web-novices alike, and with near-endless options for functionality and usability, WordPress will continue to sit firmly in pole-position when it comes to website design and development for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why you should consider WordPress!

10 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Built Using WordPress

1. The WordPress platform is free to use!

Whether you are building a blog, personal website, brochure site or an e-commerce store, WordPress doesn’t charge a penny to use its platform to build on. What’s more, WordPress is also open-source, meaning web developers can contribute, alter or improve its source code to customise your website’s functionality or look.

2. It reigns supreme when its comes down to Content Management Systems

WordPress is streets ahead when it comes down to popularity as it’s CMS is so easy to use and is suited to users of all abilities. The content management system is user-friendly, intuitive and also very easy to learn, in fact, people of all abilities could get to grips with the basics of WordPress in a matter of minutes!

3. WordPress is search engine friendly

The way in which WordPress is built (it’s framework) means that search engines like Google and Bing tend to rank websites that use WordPress higher than those that don’t because WordPress makes it so easy for search engines’ spiders to crawl and great for Search Engine Optimisation. Matt Cutts of Google personally endorsed WordPress back in 2009 – cool!

4. Your website will be responsive (mobile friendly)

Nowadays, websites have to be built to be ‘mobile first’, meaning that Google places more importance on websites that are easy to view on mobiles and tablets than those that aren’t. WordPress websites are designed with mobile phone users in mind, meaning your website will look just as great and be easy to use on smart devices as it will on desktop computers.

5. WordPress can do (just about) anything!

The beauty with WordPress is just how versatile and flexible it is. There are plugins and extensions that can be brought, downloaded for free or developed to do just about anything; from running a small blog or a business website right through to a large e-commerce store and everything in-between, WordPress does it all.

6. Safe and secure

WordPress is incredibly popular and because of this the potential down-side is the heightened level of interest from would-be hackers, however due to the extensive security measures taken by the WordPress developers, the platform is frequently updated with security patches and new versions, along with frequent updates of plugins and extensions that integrate with WordPress to keep everything nice and secure.

7. WordPress is well supported

You never need to worry about struggling with something on your own. Because of the popularity of WordPress, there is a near-endless amount of support to be found online. A simple Google search for WordPress support will bring up thousands of results, including tutorials, guides, video support and much more to help you solve your problem. Even better, the forums provided allow users to help each other out, making for a very interactive, helpful community of people with a wide and varied range of knowledge.

8. Integration

WordPress easily integrates with many popular 3rd party applications and other platforms too, making it easy to add just about any kind of function into your WordPress website.

9. Social Media integration

If you want to add a Facebook or Instagram feed or maybe your latest Tweets from Twitter then that is possible. All of these Social Media platforms plus many others can be integrated into your WordPress website.

10. Multi-user capabilities

If you have a team of people running your website, WordPress makes it simple assign different levels of access to different people – this is defined as a ‘user role’, so if it’s a subscriber to log in and access their own profile (account area) only, an editor with access to publish posts right up to an admin with access to all areas, WordPress allows you to do this.

We build WordPress websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you would like to talk to us about your website project, please contact us, or you can find out more details by clicking here.

The top 10 reasons why your website should be built using WordPress
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The top 10 reasons why your website should be built using WordPress
WordPress really is the platform of choice when building websites nowadays and our top 10 reasons explain why your website should be built on WordPress!
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