Time To TikTok Your Business?

Time to TikTok?!

There’s a new kid on the block, and it could quite possibly be your business’s best friend. Meet TikTok – a hub of energy and creativity, with over 800 million users worldwide.

Think it wouldn’t work for you? This depends entirely on your audience – are they already active on social media? If so, they may also have a TikTok account, and with some work (and a lot of fun) it might just be the place you get to engage with them.

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Who uses TikTok?

Brands including ASOS and Washington Post are good examples of successful accounts, with ASOS earning 128K followers by mixing up their feed with fashion edits alongside informative content, including stain removal hacks and make-up tips. Washington Post sets an engaging tone with its succinct bio: We are a newspaper. This light-hearted tone clearly works, judging by its 563.4K followers and 24 million likes!

TikTok has tapped into this by providing powerful ad and campaign tools, with brands utilising these to create viral ads to gain followers and traction. Here are three of the best TikTok campaigns.


eBay took to TikTok to promote its latest campaign – #StrongerAsOne – to its UK audience, specifically young people. The paid-for TikTok campaign, which sought to highlight small businesses selling through eBay, resulted in almost 18 million impressions. We call that a winner!

Tangle Teezer

Everyone’s favourite hairbrush use TikTok to promote to a UK audience, with one specific TikTok ad campaign – Power’s in the Teeth – getting 50.19 million engagements.


Converse used a challenge campaign to get engagement in the UK, encouraging followers to use their Converse as a creative canvas. They ran this alongside an ‘IRL’ campaign, taking their feet to the street and live streaming back to TikTok. The campaign resulted in 24 million video views and 1.8 million challenge page clicks.

Is it TikTok time for YOUR business?

Time to TikTok?!
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Time to TikTok?!
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