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Website & Email Hosting

Your website, ready to go!

Once you are ready to put your website online or move your existing website over to us, you need hosting so you can present your business and your website to the online world!

What is hosting?

Hosting is the term used when a company such as ours provides the technologies and services for your website to be viewed on the internet and to provide you with business email accounts connected to your domain name.

Google Cloud Hosting with full support

Our website and email hosting is cloud based on Google Cloud, offering fast, secure delivery of your emails and website. We provide full hosting support with direct communication to our in-house IT engineers via phone and email.

We also provide remote support where we login securely to your Desktop PC or Laptop on a one-time access code to setup your email addresses for you, saving you the headache of having to do it yourself. If you need email accounts adding to your mobile phone or tablet, you can visit our office so a member of our tech support team can add your email accounts whilst you wait.

Backed-up and safe to Google Cloud

To make sure you never lose anything, as part of our service to you we take full, daily back-ups of your email accounts and website files, so if anything goes wrong, you can be back up and running in no time. All our backups are safely and securely stored with Google Cloud too.

Only need a hosting account?

No problem! We can host your website and email addresses for you if you already have a website, or we can host the website only, or even just email accounts. Please contact us if you would like to move your website and/or email accounts over to us.

Need help with Domain Names?

If you need to register a Domain Name (the www. bit) but not sure how to go about doing it then let us know – we can do it for you.

Need us to purchase and install SSL certificates?

There is a growing need for websites to have an SSL certificate installed to secure your website with industry-standard encryption for payment gateway providers or for SEO purposes. If you need an SSL certificate purchased and installed just let us know and we will do the rest.

Our Google Cloud-based website and email hosting is optimised to be fast, reliable and reserved just for our clients. It is also fully managed by us so we are always at the end of the phone to support you when you need it.

Website Maintenance

Website Content Updating & Technical Maintenance

Help me update the content on my website!

If you struggle to find the time to update your website with new gallery images, adding blogs, making text changes – or anything else for that matter, or perhaps you don’t really understand how to do it or maybe you simply want to pass the task over to us then we can help.

Whether its adding new or changing existing content, replacing images, graphics or changing something else on your website, our helpful and very creative Bromley web design team can help you.

Only need help every now and again?

If you only want to make occasional updates to your website, our ad-hoc service will be perfect for your needs. Charged in 15-minute increments, it makes it easy to budget for website content changes so you never need to spend more than necessary.

Need something more regular?

If you need your website content updated on a more regular basis – perhaps daily, weekly or monthly then we offer affordable monthly content updating retainer plans where we are on-hand to help you whenever you need us.

Not too sure?

If you are not sure how much website content updating you think you’ll need, talk to us – we can advise you on the best options to suit your needs.

I need technical updates doing on my website!

In today’s web standards, modern websites are built to be far more complex regardless of how big or small the website is, or how many pages it contains, and there is a requirement to ensure your website remains updated technically so it is both secure and works correctly.

Great! Can you do this for me?

We can! We offer affordable, monthly website maintenance and update services to ensure your website remains technically secure, updating things like plugins, versions of WordPress, and other important core website files.

Already have a website?

If you already have a website and just need technical updates doing, that’s also fine – we welcome customers who have existing websites too.

Our website content updating and technical maintenance services makes it easy for you. Leave the job to us and we’ll make sure your website always looks great, is kept up-to-date and fully secure!

Cloud Computing

Easy IT Support

Easy IT support services!

We offer a range of jargon-free IT Support services to give you the peace of mind knowing that we have all your IT related hardware and software support covered.

If you struggle to understand all things techy or IT related, then fear not, our experienced support team are here to help you make sense of it all and explain things in easy to understand terms, after all, there is nothing worse than having something technical go wrong, or your computer, laptop or other device do something unexpected and not know how to fix the problem.

What services do we offer?

We provide ticket, telephone and remote support, meaning we can log into your machine and assist you right when you need us, help you over the phone or you can submit a support ticket.

We also take care of all devices, email account setup, virus scans and other services such as equipment support, ordering licenses and installing software like Microsoft Office and others.

How much will it all cost?

We offer affordable monthly support plans that are tailored around your exact needs, We will advise you on the best, most cost effective IT support solution for your needs, whether that’s support on a pay-as-you-go basis or contracted, monthly retainer support.

Easy IT support services

If you would like to read more details on our easy IT support services, please click the ‘Find Out More’ button below!

Leave all your IT support needs to us knowing that any problems that may arise will be taken care of, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Cloud Data Backup

OwnCloud Data Backup

Simple Google Cloud backups – do you backup your files?

Computer hard drives are not indestructible and will eventually stop working without warning and need to be replaced; and even if you do back-up your files using another external file storage device such as an external hard drive or memory stick, these will also fail eventually, and there is the added risk of accidentally dropping your external Hard Drive – or even worse – losing it, or if your memory stick suddenly stops working right at the point where you need to access your backed-up files?

It is very difficult to gauge when a hard drive is going to stop working or even when its beginning to fail – this alone makes the requirement to back-up your data off-site an absolute necessity.

Consider the impact and disruption your business would face if your data was permanently destroyed in any way through hardware failure, fire or water damage.

Access your files from the Cloud

Our affordable, monthly Vaccoda OwnCloud service gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that you have secure access to your files anywhere in the world via your PC or laptop, at any time, via our Google Cloud-based service.

Share data on multiple devices

If you have a team or extra individuals that all need to access the same files, we can securely share your data across multiple computers and laptops!

Your data, backed up nightly

We also take a full back-up of your backed-up business data and store it on our secure Google Cloud servers every night for your peace of mind, so you never have to worry about losing important documents or business files.

Compliant & secure

All your data is backed up in accordance with all data protection / GDPR regulations and security policies and is fully encrypted in line with Google Cloud standards. More information on the Google Cloud full security policy can be read here: and details on the Google Cloud GDPR policies can be read here:

Vaccoda OwnCloud File Backup

To get prices, order and to read more detailed information about our monthly Vaccoda OwnCloud Data Backup service please click the ‘Find Out More’ button below!

Never worry about losing your important files and documents again by keeping them safe, secure and easy to access through our Google Cloud based, Vaccoda OwnCloud platform.

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