Slow Websites

Why do people abandon websites?

The three second rule

A study conducted in 2010 indicated that 57% of online viewers will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Given the constant bombardment of information and general pace of life these days it seems likely that the majority of consumers will be long gone before 3 seconds.

And then there was web rage

The same studies indicated that 78% of people who used a slow loading website became either stressed or angry. Are you causing your website visitors stress?

The infographic below by Strangeloop shows what happens when you try to open a slow website. If you want your company appear friendly and easy to deal with, make sure that your web pages load quickly, and most of all, is easy to navigate and find information!

Most importantly, “Web Rage” is NOT a good promotional tool as customers will remember your website for all the wrong reasons. If your website is slow we can recommend different tools, such as GT Metrix or Google Page Speed Insights that will enable you to considerably increase the speed of your website based on the reports these tools will generate, telling you the problem areas on your website.

This Is Your Brain On A Slow Website!
Why do people abandon websites?
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Why do people abandon websites?
There is nothing worse than slow websites. If your website is slow to load, you could be losing valuable customers. Find out why in this blog!
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