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How to maximise your Facebook reach for free!

Connect with more Facebook fans

Creating content which captures the imagination of viewers is the easiest way of reaching a greater audience. Posting poor quality content simply for the sake of it can be worse than a not having any new content at all and can damage your company’s reputation.

One of the easiest ways of maintaining good quality content is to plan ahead.  Just as a monthly magazine plans its editions several months in advance, consider planning a publication schedule with content based on specific themes to suite its target audience. Another point to consider is whether or not the content you are about to post will be of interest to your customer base.  If it doesn’t, don’t post!

Use post embedding to promote sharing

Embedding a Facebook post ensures that viewers can interact with it even when they are not on Facebook.

Like me, like me not

The greater the number of Facebook “likes” and the greater the number of comments that a post on Facebook receives, the greater the likelihood that it will enable the website to receive a high ranking under a search engine search.

The easiest way to do this is to create great content which people want to share.  Be wary of asking people to “like” you or share posts as this could be potentially damaging.

In order to promote comments, either  engage with feedback already received or pose questions to the viewers.   Incentives can also be used in order to promote comments.

 The value of notifications

Apart from receiving notifications from friends, it is also possible to receive notifications from Fan pages. To do this, hover above the “Like” image and click notifications.  Once this is done a new notification will be sent every time the webpage is updated.

Encouraging fans to accept notifications will ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest news, products and promotions.

Content curation

As with everything, variety is the spice of life. Using a mixture of text, images and podcasts will keep your viewers interested. Click-through can be improved by using links which appear on news feeds.

Sharing relevant articles, images and videos with your viewers can promote a strong brand following as they feel part of a select group.

Creating fan page relationships

If you share fan page content or “like” them, there is a good chance that they will reciprocate. In order to get noticed focus on small to medium fan pages as large brands and publications may be less responsive.

Ensure that you select Fan Pages which are compatible, both ethically and in terms of the product/business. Making an error of judgement could be fatal to your business.

Facebook is a powerful platform, which can be used for business as well as social purposes. Whilst every business is different, experimentation and evaluation will help you to decide a strategy to match your business needs, but ignoring it can drastically reduce the size of your target audience.

How to maximise your Facebook reach for free!
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How to maximise your Facebook reach for free!
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