The Meaning Of Colour Behind A Logo

The meaning of colour behind a logo


Logo colours – what does it all mean?

One question our customers often ask us is when they come to us looking for a new logo/brand is what logo colours they should use. Colour is quite a subjective thing really, do you for example choose the colour that you personally like, or go with logo colours that has a bit of a subliminal meaning, for example red for danger, or green for eco-friendly or even choose a colour that fits with the image / message / brand of your company – a baby clothing company for example may choose pale blue / yellow / pink logo colours rather than black, browns or bottle green.

Logo colours and colour theory

Colours can really make or break a logo or brand, so it really is vital to know what colours mean and what they can communicate to your customers. Here are some ‘meanings’ of colour.

Red passion, aggressiveness, strength, danger, energy, excitement, love, vigour.
Pink innocence, softness, health, femininity, delicate, floral, gentle, romantic, tranquil.
Orange fun, cheeriness, warm exuberance, affordable, creativity, fun, youthful.
Yellow positivity, sunshine, warmth, caution, joy, playful.
Green tranquillity, health, freshness, nature, environmental, crisp, money, healing.
Blue authority, security, coolness, dignity, power, success, trustworthy.
Purple sophistication, spirituality, costliness, royalty, mystery, expensive, regal, justice.
Brown earthiness, utility, subtle richness, decadence, woodsy, depth, calmness, natural.
White purity, cleanliness, contemporary, refinement, peace, innocence, sterile, refined.
Grey sombreness, authority, subtleness, corporate mentality, moody, respect, stableness.
Black seriousness, distinctiveness, boldness, classic, formality, tradition, secrecy.

How colours are perceived

The colour meanings shown above are only an interpretation. Not everyone would see logo colours in the same way. Again, colours, their meaning and the choice of colours chosen are a subjective thing.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, the logo colours that you use do have certain hidden meaning and symbolism. Simply seeing a specific colour can conjure up specific emotions and feelings in the minds of those looking at your logo.

For the most part, designers tend to choose logo colours that are deliberate. If we take some of the well-known, international brands, such as McDonalds and their ‘golden arches’ would they look as effective if the arches were purple? Or a sustainable eco-friendly company with a logo that wasn’t coloured green?

The use of wrong logo colours can send mixed messages to your audience, so this is why it’s crucial to think carefully about what colours represent your business, and ensure that you choose very carefully.

The meaning of colour behind a logo
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The meaning of colour behind a logo
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