Domain Name Authority - How To Increase It!

How to improve your website Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is one of the ranking factors that determine a website’s placement in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). It refers to the score a website earns based on its backlink profile. The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the higher its domain authority becomes.

For this reason, industry experts recommend improving your website’s DA score if you wish to rise up in the SERPs. A high DA score is not always a guarantee, but it can help raise your site’s search ranking.

If this is a technique you wish to explore, our Kent-based SEO company can give you a customised strategy aimed at improving your DA.

Increase Your Domain Authority

Long-term Domain Authority building techniques

You can follow these strategies or develop your own. No matter what you choose to do, however, keep in mind two things:

  • The more followed links your website has, the higher your DA will rise.
  • Quantity will have little effect on your DA if it’s not matched by quality.

With these in mind, here are time-tested strategies for raising domain authority.

1. Do a link audit

There are many things you need to check in a link audit: Did Google index all your external and internal links? Are the websites linking to yours high-quality or filled with spam? Are there a lot of “no-follow” and “dead” backlinks? Do you have more low-quality backlinks (inbound links from webpages with low DA and low Page Authority) than high-quality backlinks (links from webpages with high DA and PA)?

You can use Google Analytics’ Search Console to manually assess your site’s backlinks. Alternatively, use a link analysis tool like Majestic, SEMrush’s Backlink Audit, Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer.

This can be tedious work, as each link has to be assessed and classified according to quality. After identifying any links that are pulling down your DA score, you can reach out to their sources and request that they be removed from their pages. You can also disavow bad links to your site if outreach fails.

2. Do internal linking

If you discover that you already have several pages with high authority, you can spread their link value throughout your site via internal linking. Insert links to the pages that you want to rank into the high-DA pages. The anchor text of these internal links must read as naturally as possible and be relevant to the high-DA page.

3. Do link-building campaigns

Since you need to get more high-quality backlinks, you need to do link-building. There’s a simple way to do this: create a number of short pieces of content as quickly as possible, then deploy them to submission sites like press release sites or aggregate blog. However, there are also some more elaborate ways to do link building:

  • Create content that other people will naturally want to link to. Informative, value-laden articles, videos, and infographics that your peers can use as references are excellent examples.
  • Do outreach and target high-ranking, high-DA sites that are relevant to your industry or the page you want to rank. It’s time- and resource-consuming (some sites might even charge you for their links), but gaining the confidence of a top industry site and being allowed to publish a sponsored blog on their domain is a priceless advantage.
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A job for knowledgeable SEO professionals

It’s easy to say that a website needs to increase its DA, but there’s a lot of work that goes into accomplishing this. If you feel that you lack the expertise or know-how to conduct the strategies above, consider hiring an SEO company.

Vaccoda’s SEOs have been in this industry since 1997, and serve clients from all over the UK and abroad. If you want to learn more about DA campaigns and find out if a particular strategy will be beneficial to your site, give us a call on 020 8776 0400 or why not send us a message?

How to improve your website Domain Authority (DA)
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How to improve your website Domain Authority (DA)
Domain Authority is one of the factors that determine a website’s ranking on Google. We can design a strategy aimed at improving your DA!
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