How To Use Snapchat For Business

How to use Snapchat for business

Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social networks, with over 150 million people using the app every day to connect with family and friends, see events from around the world, and explore expertly-curated content.  But how can you translate this into business success?  We have some tips for you if you’d like to dip your toe into the world of Snapchat!

Use Snapchat For Business

What is Snapchat?

It’s a mobile app that allows users to post photos and short videos that only exist for a brief period of time, before disappearing.  The fact that Snaps don’t hang around for long (up to 10 seconds), makes Snapchat a refreshingly different platform.  There’s a bounty of ever-changing filters and effects (called Lenses), which is one of the things that makes this social network extremely popular with a wide range of age groups, but particularly with the under-30s.

Fans of your brand can find and follow you on Snapchat.  When you send a Snap, or a string of Snaps (called “Stories”) they will be alerted to it and can watch at their leisure.

How To Use Snapchat For Business

How can I use it for my business?

Like most forms of visual social media, Snapchat is about giving fans of your brand a “behind the scenes” look at who you are and what you do.  So make it personable; you could Snap:

  • In the office showing you all working away, giving your followers an insight into your day-to-day lives
  • On-site, getting the job done
  • Behind the scenes on the production line, with the first sneak-peek of your latest product
  • At the opening of your latest branch/store, building awareness and excitement

It’s all about the insider’s perspective; making your followers feel that they are special and are getting a glimpse of something that isn’t out there in the mainstream.  Personality in a business is so important; if you have a lovable character in your office, why wouldn’t you want the world to know about them (with their permission, of course!)?

Snapchat is the social media that never sleeps.  It’s unique in the fact that your Snaps stay unopened until your customer chooses to view them, so there’s no worry about your content getting lost in a constantly updating newsfeed.  It’s so unlike other social media where there are specific times of day when you should post to get the best engagement: your viewer decides when they see your post.

There are also expensive options of Snap Ads and sponsored Lenses.  If you have the cash the, why not?  For National Sunglasses Day, Michael Kors let every Snapchatter add new shades to their selfies.  Great advertising for them, reaching their target audience and letting Snapchatters do the work for them!

So what are you waiting for?  Download Snapchat and have some fun!

Snapchat Top 5 Tips

Snapchat tips

Here are our top 5 tips for using Snapchat:

Post little and often
Unlike other social media platforms, on Snapchat it is perfectly acceptable to post lots of pictures and short videos.  You can post as many as you like, as the posts only last up to ten seconds each.

Don’t take things too seriously
One of the key selling points of Snapchat is that it’s meant to be fun for the people creating the Snaps, and for people receiving them too. Show your followers how great you are.

View things from a different perspective
It’s not just for taking selfies.  Remember to use both the rear and front-facing cameras.  Mix it up!

Download your best Snaps
Make sure you download any Snaps that you’re most proud of to keep.  Maybe showcase them on your website?

Short and sweet
Keep any text you use on your Snaps short and sweet – remember, people only have 10 seconds to view them, so the message needs to be straight to the point!  If you have more to say, why not make a Snapchat Story?

How to use Snapchat for business
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How to use Snapchat for business
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