Generate More Social Media Engagement

How to make your social media feeds more engaging!

One of the cornerstones of social media is consistency; whether you post on your platform three times a day or once a week, maintaining a routine keeps the algorithm on your side. We get that it can be difficult thinking up themes for grid or timeline posts, so we have come up with twenty prompts to get your creative juices flowing!

Social Media Prompts

Prompt 1: All about you! Share a photo of yourself with a little information about you, your passions and your motivation.

Prompt 2: Share a photo that represents your business’s ethics and focus. Why did you build your business? What problems does it solve for your customers or clients?

Prompt 3: Share a photo representing the importance of community. Tag fellow businesses and say a few words about why they inspire you.

Prompt 4: Share a photo of your workspace, along with a few words about your business or the items on your desk.

Prompt 5: Tag co-workers and introduce them. Share a photo of them, or create a ‘teamwork’ inspired image to sit alongside your post.

Prompt 6: Post a coupon for your followers to use to get a discount, a freebie, or other incentive.

Prompt 7: Share some information about your hometown or the place your business is based.

Prompt 8: Share a celebratory post of an achievement you are proud of. This can be a personal or business-related achievement.

Prompt 9: Share a behind-the-scenes photo of you or your team at work.

Prompt 10: Using the #butfirst hashtag, talk about how you get your day moving. A shower? A cup of coffee? Music? Talk about what gets you going!

Prompt 11: Share another company’s post, if it fits within your business’s ethos. 

Prompt 12: Using the #FromWhereIStand hashtag, share a photo of your feet and talk about what you are doing in the photo. Maybe you are in the office, at home, or even in the park.

Prompt 13: Ask a question to get your followers engaged. “If you won the lottery, what would you spend your money on?” “Who is your favourite superhero?”.

Prompt 14: What are you working on? Share a photo of a work in progress.

Prompt 15: Share some exciting news. Whether it’s project you’re particularly excited about, a newly booked holiday, a new client, or just the release of a new series of your favourite TV show, share the love with your followers!

Prompt 16: Link to a throwback post or project.

Prompt 17: Share a testimonial or case study.

Prompt 18: Post a photo representing relaxation — this can be an image of you in relaxing surroundings, or a stock image that fits with your brand’s image. Talk about the importance of wellness.

Prompt 19: Post a photo of the book you are currently reading. Talk about what you like about it and why you chose to read it.

Prompt 20: Share a quote or idea that sits with your business’s ethos.

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How to make your social media feeds more engaging!
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How to make your social media feeds more engaging!
If your social media comes across a bit lacklustre, our top 20 prompts to make it more engaging will help you generate more activity!
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