How to make your website look professional

How to make a website look professional

Your website is like a virtual store that people can check out, so it needs to look professional if you want to earn their trust and encourage them to make a call to action. Make your first impression count. If your website doesn’t stand out immediately, people won’t be interested in what you have to offer, let alone stay and explore.

Web design can be complex, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming if you know where to start. Several factors contribute to a sharp and professional website. Read on to find out.

Make your website look professional

Keep it simple

The first step that can help you achieve a stunning website design is getting rid of visual clutter.

Some websites jam all the information they can into a single page, thinking visitors would want to see everything right away. But this is counterproductive. Telling your visitors about your products and services is important, but don’t overwhelm them. Do optimise your content to highlight your unique selling points, but otherwise keep everything short and simple.

Readers usually don’t read every word on a page, so you need to be able to communicate what you want almost instantaneously. Include all the necessary information in short paragraphs that are easy to digest. You might also want to balance it out with curated images or videos.

Pick a colour scheme that works

People tend to associate colours with specific emotions. For example, colours with cool hues tend to relax the mind, while bright and vibrant colours like yellow tend to excite. This is why colour psychology is important in marketing. It’s why you need to pick a colour scheme that would best reflect your brand.

Whichever combination you pick, make sure it’s easy on the eyes. A complicated colour scheme might be jarring to some website visitors. So, if you have fewer colours, everything will look more unified.

Make it easy to read

Lastly, don’t forget about typography. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that every piece of information you share on a page can be read comfortably. It’s probably the most underrated aspect of web design because if it works, you won’t notice it. But if it doesn’t, there could be obvious discomfort while reading.

To better understand typography, you’ll first need to know what it means. Essentially, it’s the way a set of text looks when arranged and presented. You might not get website typography right on the get-go. So, to find the right combination, test all your options. This is how you’ll find out what works best.

Pick a suitable typeface, get the sentence length right and space everything properly.

Design and optimise your website with us

These days, just having a running website won’t cut it. You have to make sure it looks good and is functioning properly. Once you’re done giving it a facelift, your next step is making it user-friendly.

Get in touch with our team of website experts today via phone 0208 776 0400 or by sending a message to to learn more about how you can improve your website.

How to make a website look professional
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How to make a website look professional
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