How To Get More Backlinks To Your Website

How to get backlinks to your website

Link building is one of the many strategies used in search engine optimisation. Quality backlinks inform search engines that other websites consider your content valuable and worthy of reference. The more backlinks you earn, the higher your website’s search rankings are likely to become.

If you want to outrank your competitors on search, you need to collect backlinks from websites and blogs with high domain authority. In theory, this involves a simple process. All you have to do is directly ask the website for a backlink. If the website owner agrees, then you could get more traffic directed towards your site.

In reality, however, the search for powerful backlinks can turn long and complex. For one, not all links have the same value. Links from authoritative resources like news sites and publications are more powerful than links from smaller, personal blogs. Not to mention, higher quality links are harder to earn. Requests for backlinks are often overlooked due to the number of emails a reputable person or organisation receives each day. Other times, requests may get denied or even ignored because they’re not considered high-priority or because your content isn’t relevant to the website’s niche and audience.

While there is no shortcut to earning good backlinks, there are several tactics you can explore to make your search a bit easier.

Fix Broken Links

Publish useful, well-researched content

Websites will assess your content to decide whether you’re an authoritative source worth linking to. Publish content that’s engaging, well-written, and backed by ample research. Even better if you can feature original data since fresh information will drive more sites to link back to you. Remember, a backlink is a vote of confidence. Your content must be of the highest quality possible or you could end up losing valuable links.

Replace broken links

Watch out for broken or incorrect links on websites related to your industry, as they also provide an opportunity to gain effective backlinks. When you see a broken link, reach out to the publisher and inform them of the error. Then provide a link back to your site that fits the existing content.

Offer To Guest Blog

Offer to guest blog

Guest bloggers write content for similar blogs and sites within their industry. By sharing your expertise with other websites, you get to establish yourself as a thought leader, reach a wider audience, and gain more links.

For better results, collaborate with popular guest blogging sites that have similar target audience demographics and content related to your industry.

Know your competitor’s backlinks

A huge part of digital marketing is staying up to date with your competitor’s strategies.
Instead of sending individual requests to hundreds of sites daily, focus on websites that are already mentioning your competitors. Use tools like backlink checkers to identify these publishers and narrow down your search. After all, sites that already link to your competitors are more likely to link back to you.

Expand your online reach today

Earning quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging, but you can simplify your search using the right tools, methods, and guidance from SEO experts. Our team here at Vaccoda are trained to help you boost your search rankings and find more link building opportunities to grow your brand.

Give us a call at 0208 776 0400 or send us a message to find out more about our SEO service, and how we can help your business to improve online, in both visibility and to generate more website visitors, enquiries or sales!

How to get backlinks to your website
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How to get backlinks to your website
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