Pinterest For Businesses

Hearing the pin drop…

Where do you head if you want to feel inspired? Which platform do you go to when you want ideas for your new kitchen, hairstyle, garden design or dinner?

Pinterest is where.


Not just for dreamers

It used to be the domain of dreamers, but Pinterest has become an unlikely contender in the how-best-to-spread-your-brand-awareness platform wars. Where Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all fast-moving, high energy platforms, Pinterest is more static, allowing browsing and encouraging pinning as a means of saving the content users really love.

But, how can you make Pinterest work for your brand? Firstly, bear in mind that Pinterest is one of the largest traffic generators out there, converting more browsers into buyers than any other. It also integrates with your website, Facebook profile and Twitter account. Excited? You should be!

Think of Pinterest as a giant search engine rather than a social media platform and you’re halfway to success. Pinterest is a great way of driving traffic back to your website, and with every pin including a clickable link, it drives a fairly natural consumer journey.

Market Your Business On Pinterest

Get Pinterest working for your business

It’s easy to see the type of content that is trending, giving you opportunity to tap into consumer needs. You can also add other Pinterest users and colleagues to specified boards, allowing them to pin their own content – a great way of adding fresh elements. And on the subject of third-party pins; pin content that complements and enhances your own products or links, which will drive user engagement and boost the visibility of your own pins.

It’s understandable to assume that Pinterest only works for businesses with items to sell, but your assumption is wrong. Don’t fret if your business doesn’t sell physical products; you can just as easily spread your brand love on Pinterest using strong imagery and blog content on your site. For example, if your business is in event planning, write a blog post about how to plan an eco-friendly event, pinning a strong image on Pinterest and linking back to the content on your website.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It really is a good use of your marketing time, and there is even software out there that will auto-post Pinterest loops for you, without you as much as having to lift a finger. So, what are you waiting for? This could be just the boost your brand is begging for.

Pinterest: it’s not ALL about hairstyles…

Hearing the pin drop...
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Hearing the pin drop...
Pinterest is no longer the place to pin hopes, dreams, cakes and design - its so much more and can elevate your business - find out now!
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