Your Business Needs Google My Business!

Google My Business – get your profile setup today and get more visibility on Google!

Is your business using Google My Business?

Google Local (also known as Google Maps) is a powerful way to generate great visibility and enquiries within your local area when customers are searching for your products or services. Google Local can be provided as either a stand-alone service, or as part of a Search Engine Optimisation strategy that will help you to gain visibility over a wider area.

Do you have a Google Local listing already? If not, Google might have already created a listing for your business that needs to be claimed. Either way, you should double check and claim your listing if you haven’t done so, and if you do have a listing, remember to keep it updated regularly.

How does it work?

Google Local is a free service that Google offers and provides a detailed profile listing of your business that includes information like Google reviews, your address, map and opening times, services you offer, photos of your business and much more and makes you visible within your local area so customers can discover you, find out about your business and enquire!

If you search for ‘Vaccoda’ you will see our profile appear

And if you search for ‘Web Design West Wickham’ you will see our listing appear at the top of the Map section. If you then click on our name you will see further information as mentioned above.

Why You Need Google My Business

Why you need a Google My Business listing

There are so many reasons why a Google Local listing is an important and vital marketing tool for your business – either managed on its own or as part of a Search Engine Optimisation strategy:

  • Google Local / Map listings show near the top of page 1 in Google search results, making the map section one of the first things your potential customers will see and click on to view map listings.
  • Customers can easily access your business information on their mobile, tablet or smart device, making it easy for customers to call you, send an enquiry, get directions or simply find out more about your business.
  • Customers can read your Google reviews right there and then, which builds confidence and could lead to your potential customers sending you enquiries or phoning you before they have even visited your website.
  • Google Local listings usually attract customers that are located within the same area as your business which gives you an advantage over other businesses that might be located outside the area.
Keep Your Google My Business Profile Updated

What should I do to keep my listing up-to-date?

Maximise the potential of your Google Local listing every month by spending a few minutes each week updating it. Keeping your listing in tip-top condition will help you to generate more enquiries/leads and phone calls from your listing.

  • Ensure that your Google Local profile is always up to date with accurate, verified business information. If something changes, just let us know and we will make the necessary changes to your Google Local profile.
  • Keep your Google reviews updated. Email customers requesting they leave you a review.
  • Add images and other visual content as and when needed to keep your Google Local profile updated with fresh content.
  • Keep your Google My Business profile up to date with regular weekly posts which will make your profile more engaging meaning your potential customers will more likely click on you.
  • Enable and implement new Google Local features as and when they are released and are beneficial to your business.
  • Review the monthly insights report Google will email to you, showing you how well your profile is performing. You will be able to find out how customers are finding your business from a wide range of reports, including what people typed into Google to see your business in Google Maps, customer interactions, including visits to your website from your Google Local profile, direction requests, how many calls you received from your Google Local profile and much more!

Start generating local enquiries and improve the visibility of your business on Google My Business today. We can provide management of your Google My Business profile if you prefer, and can implement a tried-and-tested SEO strategy to help you gain even more website visitors, enquiries and sales.

Get in touch with us on 020 8776 0400 or you can send us a message by filling in the contact form and we will get back to you!

Google My Business - setup your profile today and get more visibility!
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Google My Business - setup your profile today and get more visibility!
Google My Business is a free to use service, and will help you generate more visibility in Google maps. We explain why GMB is so useful for businesses!
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