Google SEO Algorithm Updates - A Historical Overview

A timeline of Google’s major SEO updates from 2012 to present!

Has your website been affected?

Since 2012 (seems so long ago now) Google has released a succession of search algorithm updates. For those that don’t know, in the simplest terms, an algorithm is a set of processes/signals to determine how trustworthy, reputable or useful your website is to a user when they are searching for something. Simply put, if your website is as SEO compliant as possible, taking into account all of Google’s algorithm changes and more, your website will rank higher.

Of course there are many other contributing factors that all go towards how successful the overall online visibility of a website is from an SEO point-of-view, but Google’s algorithm updates are obviously a big factor to take into consideration when planning a Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.

What does this mean for my website?

In essence, an algorithm update would result in the ranked positions of your website changing (your website will move upwards or downwards). These peaks and troughs are normal though, and with a good Search Engine Optimisation strategy you should notice very little ill-effect as a result of algorithm changes.

The really insightful infographic below, by Express Writers share Google’s algorithm updates and how they will impact on your website, and includes the latest Google updates for 2017 as well as a recap to all the other historical algorithm updates, following our previous infographic blog providing a similar timeline to Google Updates that we published back in December 2016.

Timeline Of Google's Major SEO Content Updates
A timeline of Google's major SEO updates from 2012 to present!
Article Name
A timeline of Google's major SEO updates from 2012 to present!
In this updated blog that includes all of 2017's latest Google algorithm changes, we look back over the last 5 years of Google's major SEO content updates.
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