Facebook Festive

Our top tips to get festive with Facebook!

Facebook festive!

Just as everyone’s starting to wind down for the festive season, those who are running a business should do anything but – don’t relax too much this is a fabulous opportunity to maximise your sales and get back into the black! While the festive music is tinkling and getting everyone in the mood, you should be trying to encourage people to think about ways which can help attract customers in a fun and festive way! Get your social media up to scratch and attract those Christmas customers!

Shift into Christmas business mode!

Be aware of the seasonal feel and lighten the mood. Project a Christmassy business feel! Encourage your customers to see the benefit of your product or service for the festive season. If you own a bakery, advertise the Christmas cakes that you make with amazing photographs to have your customers queuing at your door! If you own a restaurant encourage people to book early by giving a countdown to Christmas and saying how busy you are! If it’s a service that you provide, find ways to show customers it will make their life easy over the Christmas season.

For example, if you’re providing an IT training service, show people how much more efficient they will be and how much more quickly they will finish their work if they get trained up. You could extol the virtues of databases and how they can integrate into the business and add value for customers by better customer relationship management to ensure a more prosperous 2016.

Don’t be a Scrooge, give Christmas discounts!

Giving customers extra added value may actually encourage them to splash the cash on other products/services as it adds a Feel Good Factor. Make your discount unique and eye catching and use Facebook to advertise it. Coupons will mean that Facebook users will want to share them with their friends meaning that you’re getting more “likes” and more advertising popularity as a result. Give more to receive more!

Give your page a Christmas makeover!

Reminding people of the seasonal festivities will pre-dispose customers to feel an affinity with Christmas, spreading the feel good mood. Everybody loves a bit of festive nostalgia, so get some relevant links up on your page and get everyone talking and clicking and liking your page! It also shows the human side of your business and lets customers see your personality. If customers feel connected to you, they will remember your business. Everybody loves some tinsel, decorate, it makes work fun!

Creative, festive marketing

Using festivities to advertise your business, can be a lovely way of putting the fun back into marketing. Why not help a charity while you’re at it with a donation to charity for a certain number of likes?! This will boost your ethics and show your adoring public that you are a caring company and not just interested in your bottom-line.

Know your audience

Use your knowledge about your Facebook audience to maximise your impact. If you know that a photograph of your latest product creates a stir, make sure that you get plenty of photos up to get people talking. If it’s freebies and coupons, be creative with your offers. Above all else, make it fun and your ‘Facebook Friends’ will love you for it!

Our top tips to get festive with Facebook!
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Our top tips to get festive with Facebook!
Be Facebook festive by adding some tinsel to your page! We also give you other top tips to spread festive cheer to your customers too!
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