Digital Marketing Trends For 2022

Digital marketing trends in 2022

Outperform your competition this year by learning about the digital marketing trends of 2022.

The world’s digital transformation is in full swing. Whether it’s because of globalisation or the ongoing pandemic, digitisation, especially of businesses, is a trend not likely to go anywhere.

Speaking of trends, in this increasingly digital and dynamic marketplace, it’s also important to stay on top of what’s popular. For your business to stay competitive this year and in the foreseeable future, you need to keep an eye on the digital marketing trends of 2022. This article will help.

Digital marketing trends in 2022


Data-driven campaigns are becoming more targeted and effective. This personalised approach is bound to continue its dominance in the future. Automation has been playing a huge role in both data collection and data management. This year, it can only persist further.

Programmatic advertising has also been on the rise for quite some time now. The automatic purchase and sale of online advertising have truly been a game-changer. Businesses continuously outpace each other using this strategy.

Video Marketing

Since the first platforms on the internet allowed video content to be uploaded and played, the medium has had exponential growth. Today, as much as 78% of all internet users consume video content at least once every single week. Estimates point to around 80% of all online traffic this year being video streaming.

Fortunately, businesses can capitalise on the incredible potential of video by employing video marketing strategies. You can participate in the most important video platforms like YouTube and TikTok. Quality video content that entertains and adds value to your target audience can go a long way in cultivating trust and building a loyal following.

Cookie-Less Web

Last year, Google outlined a plan to phase out support for third-party cookies this year. Not long after, though, the tech giant decided to put the plan on hold until 2023.

Regardless of whether it’s this year or the next, it’s clear that third-party cookies are about to go. And while there was a lot of sentiment against this change, especially in the context of digital marketing, there are still some who believe that it can be a good thing for the industry.

What’s clear is that companies should start preparing for this eventuality as early as now. By leveraging first-party data collection and management, companies can also be more open about information and advertising policies, which will always earn extra goodwill from consumers.

Extended Reality

One of the biggest news last year was Facebook’s shift to the Metaverse. And while their social media platform is still one of the largest and most important avenues for digital marketing, this list item is not solely focused on them.

Instead, our attention is focused more on extended reality (XR) and how it will inevitably change how people produce and consume content. By getting into this technology as early as now, companies can be leaders in their industries.


This year’s digital trends are a combination of ones that we’ve seen before and fresh trends. The automated but data-driven and personalised approach continues to be a winner.  More engaging media like video and extended reality are also safe bets. Finally, there is a continuing shift towards more open policies and trust-building campaigns.

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