App & Software Development

App Development

App Development

Beautiful immersive iOS & Android apps

As mobile phones, tablets and smart devices become ever more sophisticated, the demand for apps by businesses and their customers continues to grow rapidly.

An app can be a crucial tool to extend customer reach. For your customers, an app is quick and easy way of interacting with your business. Apps lead to increased levels of customer engagement, enquiries and sales.

Providing a purpose

We know that an app doesn’t just have to look beautiful but also needs to deliver an outstanding user experience. It should save your customers time or make the task of purchasing your product or service as quick and easy as possible.

Delivering your key messages

Apps are also great for customer retention, enabling you to push your new products and services directly into your customers’ hands – literally.

Working with you on iOS and Android

Ensuring you supply the right information to your customers on-demand is crucial. Our development team will work with you to determine the most effective ways of delivering your key products and services to both iOS and Android devices.

Tell the world about your new app

Once your app has been built, the next stage is to consider how it will be promoted to your target customers. One option is for our Bromley web design team to create you a beautiful website to accompany the launch of your app and to help establish it online.

Online marketing to get your app & website found

We can also plan and implement a highly targeted online marketing strategy to promote your app and website, helping to build engagement using online marketing methods that include Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short), Google AdWords and also Social Media, covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

A beautiful app is the best way to reach out to your customers. We make sure your app works for you and your business in as may ways as possible, delivering content, an outstanding customer experience, high customer retention and more income.

Software Development

Software Development

Software to fit your needs

Businesses of all shapes and sizes come to us with software development needs when there are unique or specialist requirements that ready-made, off-the-shelf software solutions simply cannot accommodate; or software has been purchased that only caters for part of the requirement. In these situations having custom software developed is the solution and can be designed to fit the needs of your business and your specific requirements exactly.

If you need some software created for additional tasks that an off-the-shelf package cannot accommodate, or perhaps you require all-encompassing software that covers everything, talk to us about your requirements. We can develop software that will work exactly as you need it to.

We help you increase efficiency and save money!

We help you to save time, money and resources by developing software solutions that suit your requirements/needs as well as streamline, automate and speed up essential daily tasks.

We are more than happy to design small or large scale solutions for a wide variety of purposes. The options are virtually limitless. If it can be developed – we can do it. We can also fully support and further develop your software after it’s launched so it evolves with the needs/growth of your business too.

We build software for all industries/sectors

We can develop software as web based and/or stand-alone systems for all industries and sectors including financial, invoicing and reporting, stock/inventory control, customer management, restaurants and retail/commercial environments and many other sectors.

Well planned software solutions

All software is carefully planned and a full technical specification is produced so the entire scope of the software and its functionality can be fully mapped out on paper, in readiness for development, then testing and go-live!

Having your own software developed will save you time, money and make things more efficient by automating tasks. What’s more, we build software that is scalable, and can expand with your business needs.

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App Development
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