Clubhouse - Networking For The Future

Clubhouse – networking for the future?

Clubhouse has been in development for the past year, slowly building an audience of testers – but what is it and why should you pay attention?

Launching in March of 2020, it takes social networking, which has been dominated by text and images, and adds what the team call a “more human” approach – one where you gather to talk, rather than type. The idea behind this is that users will meet others, learn, and deepen friendships in the process.

Clubhouse Networking For The Future

What is Clubhouse all about?

Upon opening the app users will see rooms full of others talking and can drop in and out of rooms as they like. Rooms have speakers and audiences, so users join with the ability to listen, but can raise a hand and be invited into the conversation to talk a well. Alternatively, users can start their own room and converse with others who join in.

But there’s pressure to look the part

One special feature of Clubhouse is that it is voice-only, so there is no need to panic about the messy room behind you, juggling chat and home tasks, or feeling you need to ‘look the part’. You can log in at home, on the go, while doing tasks, or anywhere you have a connection!

Who uses the app?

Everyone! Through the past 12 months rooms have been full of users talking about Black Lives Matter, constitutional law, sports, politics, science, or even coming together to pray in silence.

How can my business benefit?

Clubhouse, while built on the growing audience of testers, is focused on creators and investing in that area. That means new features are being added which will allow creators to earn revenue from tips, tickets, subscriptions, and more.

For businesses this means you can position yourself to give advice, seminars, or anything else you can think of, with users who want to know more! So, whether you are involved in tech, property, insurance, or more, now is the time to join the waiting list and plan how to interact with the world. The app has some two million users so far, so there is an audience for everyone!

Clubhouse – networking for the future?
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Clubhouse – networking for the future?
The latest offering from the world of Social Media is Clubhouse - but is this the networking platform of the future? We take a look!
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