Case Study
Strong Duck

About Strong Duck

Strong Duck is a new and exciting brand, selling a range of quality supplements and protein shakes aimed at the fitness sector for body builders and gym users. A range of clothing will be released in future along with a male grooming range.

The Requirements

Website Development

Graphic Design

Custom Functionality

The Problem

Within the fitness sector, there are many different products on the market that can be consumed to help when body building or using the gym on a regular basis, however many of these products aren’t as ‘pure’ as it may seem.

Strong Duck has focused on developing a range of protein shakes and other fitness foods and supplements that are completely pure, with no additives or unnecessary ingredients – just pure, natural and completely healthy products.

The Solution

The first step in the Strong Duck process was to work with the client to produce a distinct and powerful illustration to form the overall brand identity. The client requested a muscle duck style illustration based on a visual design the client had already seen that would be visually powerful and stand out to consumers when browsing products online or on shop shelves. The illustration was drawn from scratch in a step-by-step process to the clients’ exact requirement.

Once the design stage was completed, the website was built to be easy to use, offering a quick order process and emphasis placed on the products, ensuring as much information was provided as possible so customers could read about the nutritional value of each product and all other useful information.

The design of the website had to be clean, simple and use a colour palette that followed the main Strong Duck brand we had created.


Mascot Illustration

Custom designed


SEO optimised website

For better online visibility


Increase month-on-month

In new website customers

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