Case Study
Rosy Cheekz

About Rosy Cheekz

Rosy Cheekz is a well-being marketplace, where website visitors can purchase a range of products to help promote good health and a healthy lifestyle. The name ‘Rosy Cheekz’ came about based on the notion of having ‘Rosy’ or pink cheeks when someone is glowing or looking healthy.

The Requirements

Website Development

Graphic Design


The Problem

Whilst wellbeing-based marketplace websites do exist, the approach to how these websites operate is almost always the same, and there wasn’t a simplified, easy to use, slick marketplace website that focuses on an efficient user experience.

The Solution

We designed and built a new approach to marketplace selling – a website that encompassed several different requirements in one website that included the ability for users to create and manage profiles and take payment for the sale of their goods via their own payment processing methods, along with many other exciting features.

It was important that the ability for payments to be processed individually ‘per profile/user’ was integrated, and the website was as easy as possible to use for both those selling products and customers who are browsing and buying.


New marketplace sellers

Signing up per month


Customer orders processed

On average per week


Monthly website traffic

Generated via SEO

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