Case Study
Inside Tech

About Inside Tech

Inside Tech are an online company that sell customised PCs for gaming, music production, office/commercial use and computer enthusiasts.

The Requirements

Website Development


Custom Functionality

The Problem

The old Inside Tech website was dated and didn’t represent everything Inside Tech had to offer as a company. The user experience was disjointed, and it was not easy to find the business on Google when searching using different keywords. A new website was needed to address these issues, and to allow for future expansion with different product ranges and services facilitated by the introduction of new and exciting features to really engage customers and encourage them to buy.

The Solution

We planned the new website from brainstorming with the guys from Inside Tech. Understanding how they wanted the website to work for their customers, and internally was key to being able to deliver a website that meets with their requirements.

Everything was considered, from retail and business customer areas on the website, to the way pricing was displayed, ease of use, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) to make the website as conducive to conversion as possible, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to make the website highly visible on Google. The design of the website was also important, to ensure there was a clean and fuss-free user experience.

We built the website on WordPress which is an extremely powerful platform, and we were able to custom-develop all the features Inside Tech required on the new website. WordPress is great for Google and the SEO strategy we have implemented has made a considerable difference to both sales, turnover, and profit.

The website features a number of custom API integrations too, including PayPal Pay in 3, Amazon Pay, eBay and Amazon marketplace, tracking tools, social media channels and much more.


Customer website orders

On average per day


Custom API integrations

For various functionality


Monthly website traffic

Generated via SEO alone

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