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Produce Better Results With Less Content

How to produce better results with less content

folder_openBusiness, Marketing
Get your content working for you! Regularly producing high-quality content is time-consuming , costly, and often exhausting. In a competitive online and content marketing world where every day thousands of new blog posts are published, production of your content can’t stop. That not only takes a toll on the quality…
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Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions For 2020!

Digital marketing industry predictions and trends summary for 2020!

It doesn’t seem possible that 2019 has all but gone and 2020 is lurking ominously around the corner! I can remember writing a blog for 2019 web design trends (this one – back in November 2018 as if it was yesterday – where has the time gone!! Anyway, that…
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Increase Page Load Speed

Improve your page-load speeds for SEO!

folder_openDesign, Development, Marketing
Having a fast loading website matters! Is your site fast enough? Did you know that a slow to load website can lead to your customers abandoning your website and moving to a faster competitor website if your’s doesn’t load within 3-4 seconds. Statistics show that even a tiny 1 second page load…
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5 Useful Web Design Tips

5 useful website design tips

folder_openBusiness, Design, Support
The success of a website depends on several different factors. Content, of course, is important, but the design of the website also has a significant impact on engagement, search engine rankings, conversions, and sales. You need to have an engaging website design that is user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to navigate.…
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5 Colour Palettes For Your Website

5 amazing colour palettes for your website

folder_openDesign, Development, Marketing
Website colour palettes that pop! Choosing the right colour palette when having a website designed makes all the difference between a good website, and a great one. Using unusual colours that jive well together can really help convey the content on the pages, be it text or images, or even…
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