Ideas For Your Blog!

Happy New Year! Here are some great blog ideas to write about for the New year (and beyond!)

Help! I need some blog ideas to write about!

Now the festivities and over-indulgence of Christmas and New Years has passed (just about!), we turn our attentions to the New Year ahead. In this blog we look at the subject of writing blogs. We are at the start of the year – a time to be inspired and motivated to start planning your blog writing for the coming year.

However, many people struggle to come up with great ideas to blog about – a writers block – or a ‘bloggers block’ if you like. There is nothing worse than sitting there thinking over and over the same thing ‘what do I write about’ only to get no-where. Eventually frustration will set in and you’ll end up simply moving on from the idea of blogging, never to revisit it again.

To help you, we have searched high and low and have come up with a great list of blog subjects and ideas to consider when planning your next blog. If you can think of any other ideas, let us know here and we will add them to the list below!

Encourage Others

Give insight and encourage others

  • Write a case study on how you helped a client and detail the results you achieved in an easy-to-read/understand format for your readers.
  • Write an “actionable hints/tips” blog or a series of blog posts or ‘how-to guides’ that will help your audience improve skills or knowledge or show them how to do/make something. You could also do this as a video blog (also known as a vlog) as well.
  • Why not interview a client? Talk about why you work together and what you have achieved together since the start, and any plans for the future.
  • Add a video to a blog that you are inspired by – this could be anything you like, but explain why you are inspired by the video.
  • Think about supporting a charity for the year. Detail what they do and why you picked them. Don’t forget to do follow-up posts on the charity throughout the year, highlighting special events, charity achievements, fundraising events and more.
Spread Some Post-Festive Cheer!

Spread some post-festive cheer!

  • Spotlight other local businesses in the area, and recommend them. Don’t forget to explain why you recommend them too.
  • Write a blog summary of all your favourite blogs from the previous year – Pinpoint why you like the blog and how it has helped you. These could be blogs you have written, or even reviewing blogs that others have written.
  • Talk about inspiration – who and what inspired you last year and why? It could be anything such as a person / industry professional, an event, or something totally unique and inspirational to you.
  • Interview a local business that is starting up in your area – this could be a business that is complimentary to what you do, or even a business activity that is completely different. Introducing them to your readers could really help them to grow and increase their local visibility.
Share Your Research With Others

Get a bit technical (but not too confusing!)

  • Conduct a survey or an opinion poll on things that matter to you, your industry or locally.
  • Share results of a study or industry research you have previously done to help others – be insightful with your results and make things easy to understand.
  • Think about using more infographics in your blogs – they are great for making lots of data / complex data easy for your readers to understand and digest in a more visual format.
Review Your Business

Review your own business or your sector/industry

  • Give a blog summary covering the previous year of your business – the highs and lows and detail what you have learnt and how you have improved upon things.
  • Write a review of your business sector / industry – how have things changed in the last 12 month period?
  • Create a series of “best of” blogs from your sector / industry or business, such as best blogs, photos, projects, how-to guides, products and more, explaining why you made each choice.
  • Write a profile of your company – give your customers an insight ‘behind the scenes’.
Forward Planning, Interviews With Other Business Owners Or Trend Discussions

Forward planning

  • Do some mini-interviews of other businesses in the local area. Ask the business owners what their predictions are for the coming year, or even interview some of your clients and get their thoughts and views.
  • Build excitement around your own business – share some “sneaky peeks” of what you have coming up this year with your audience.
  • Discuss any industry predictions with your readers – what are your opinions on expected trends or changes within your industry over the coming year?
Create A Video Tour Of Your Business

Business insight

  • Profile each member of staff or any associates that support your business – write about their skills, likes, dislikes, favourite food, holiday destination and any other interesting / fun facts about them!
  • Blog about the journey of a new product or range of products or service(s) from the drawing board right through to the finished product or service. Talk about why you created a new product and what makes it better or how your service can improve efficiency, time, or offer better value. Why not create a video as well?
  • Create a blog and video tour of your offices or workplace and include cool, funky photos as well to add extra personality.
  • Give vision – share your business journey with your audience and talk about why you do what you do.
Be Newsworthy

Be newsworthy

  • Share your opinion on local news, this might be a new building or development, upcoming event or any other topical news that affects the local community. Try to be neutral and not too controversial!
  • Discuss news stories from your business / industry sector. Give constructive, meaningful views.
  • Get involved in national awareness / notable days, such as Earth Day, Pay It Forward Day and many others. You could do a workplace event and video/photograph it!
Run A Questions And Answers Session

Invite your audience to participate

  • Hold a question and answers session and post all the questions/answers to a blog. You could even video a Q&A session too.
  • Run a competition or giveaway.
  • Conduct a survey and blog about the results. If the survey is big enough, you could blog the results as a series of blog posts.
  • Offer a guest blogger to write a great article / guide and post to your blog.

Final thoughts and summary

Never again do you need to be stuck for ideas on what to blog about. In this blog there are just a few ideas on what you can write about, but browse online and look for other online sources for inspiration. Remember to always write for a need – think about what your customers might want to know about – maybe its answering questions, giving insight, providing video guides to help or assist, or even something inspiring that others might benefit from – the only limit is your imagination when it comes down to blogging!

Happy New Year! Here are some great blog ideas to write about for the New year (and beyond!)
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Happy New Year! Here are some great blog ideas to write about for the New year (and beyond!)
Now Christmas has gone, we turn our attentions back to business, specifically blogging. Stuck on what to write about? Check out our blog for ideas!
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