5 Colour Palettes For Your Website

5 amazing colour palettes for your website

Website colour palettes that pop!

Choosing the right colour palette when having a website designed makes all the difference between a good website, and a great one. Using unusual colours that jive well together can really help convey the content on the pages, be it text or images, or even areas where customers need to take action in one way or another (known as a ‘Call-To-Action’).

When we build websites, we tend to expand upon the colour(s) used in a clients logo or preferred colours, to include some really beautiful accent and complimentary colours to give a more rounded colour palette. We believe a website should look beautiful no matter what information it contains!

The infographic below by Reux Design provides 5 gorgeous colour combinations to really make your website look amazing!

5 Beautiful Website Colour Palettes That Pop
5 amazing colour palettes for your website
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5 amazing colour palettes for your website
Need some design inspiration for your next website? If so check out this infographic offering 5 beautiful colour palettes for your website that pop!
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