Google Algorithm Updates Overview

2016 Google algorithm updates

The more technical side to Google SEO brings something called “Algorithms” – you may have heard of or read about it, and some consider it to be a bit of a buzz word. In very simple terms, it is a set of calculations that Google applies when compiling search results to display when you are searching for something.

For all the many updates that Google releases, from those with cute animal names to others that you don’t even hear about, there are many updates that need to be considered when working to optimise and ensure your website remains compliant each month. Did you know we offer a free website SEO check and can tell you how optimised and compliant your website is?

In the below infographic produced by CJG Digital Marketing, we take a look back over the updates of 2016 and remind ourselves of previous Google updates, taking us as far back as 2011.

Google Algorithm Updates For 2016
2016 Google algorithm updates
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2016 Google algorithm updates
Algorithm - its a buzz word used by many but do you know what it all means? This really helpful infographic explains all the Google updates since 2011!
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