20 Homepage Ideas For Your Website

20 great ideas for your website homepage content

In an age where you have (on average) just 20 seconds to impress and entice your website visitors, your homepage is generally the first – (and most crucial page) to winning a customer and achieving that all-important sale.

Most of the time it is the first point where your potential customers will come into contact with your business online, so it is critical that you get it right when designing a new website or refreshing an old one.

Overall clarity, optimised images, good colours, a clearly defined navigation, not too much clutter, call-to-action sections are just some of the many elements that need careful consideration.

In the below infographic by Feldman Creative, they share 20 content ideas that you should consider when working on your website project.

20 Great Homepage Ideas!
20 great ideas for your website homepage content
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20 great ideas for your website homepage content
If you're building a new website or updating an old one, check out these 20 great homepage ideas to make your website generate customer enquiries and sales!
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